Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Top Ten Trends I'd Like to See Less Of/More Of

Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

  1. Love Triangles: These seem to be very popular in books today. They are extremely annoying and make books unreadable. I CAN"T STAND LOVE TRIANGLES!!!
  2. Vampires: Yes, I know vampires are all the rage right now, but there are just WAY too many books about them. It seems like all anyone wants to write about is vampires. There are other topics/creatures to write about out there.
  3. Never-Ending Series: I love a good series, but sometimes the stories just keep going on and on and on to the point where the content of the books seem forced and they are no longer fun to read.
  4. Twilight Copy Cats: It seems like most paranormal books have almost the same plot as Twilight but with different creatures. Why must everyone try to compete with this series? It wasn't even that good.
  1. Dystopian: Lately I've become very fascinated by novels based in dystopian worlds. Ar first I was hesitant to read such books, but now I can't stay away from them.
  2. Pirates: I read The Dust of 100 Dogs and loved it. There are hardly any books about pirates ou there (none that I have seen anyway). Who wouldn't like to read a good pirate adventure?
  3. YA Mysteries: I love mystery stories. I was a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys addict in middle school. As with pirates, I do not think I have seen any YA mysteries.
  4. Stand Alone Novels: It seems like every new book that comes out, especially in the YA genre, has to be part of a series. Why not write one book with the whole story instead of dragging it out for 3+ books?
  5. Third Person Narrative:  It may just be me, but I prefer books written from the third person POV. There are very few first person narrated books that I have read and liked.
  6. YA Male Protagonists: All the protagonists in YA books always seem to be the same teenage girl. I know there are a few with male protagonists, but there should be MORE!

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