Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eve and Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

Book: Eve and Adam
Author: Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate
# of Pages: 291 (Hardcover)
Rating: 4.5 stars

Goodreads Summary
In the beginning, there was an apple—

And then there was a car crash, a horrible injury, and a hospital. But before Evening Spiker’s head clears a strange boy named Solo is rushing her to her mother’s research facility. There, under the best care available, Eve is left alone to heal.

Just when Eve thinks she will die—not from her injuries, but from boredom—her mother gives her a special project: Create the perfect boy.

Using an amazingly detailed simulation, Eve starts building a boy from the ground up. Eve is creating Adam. And he will be just perfect... won’t he?(

My Thoughts:
Evening 'Eve' Spiker is in a bad car accident. Eve's mother, Terra, takes her from the hospital to her own facility to help her recover. To keep her from being bored, Terra has Eve work with a computer program and tells her to create the perfect boy. Solo, Terra's assistant of sorts, tries to convince Eve that her mother is doing bad things at her facility and she does not want to believe him.

There were a couple times when Eve annoyed me, but overall, she was very intelligent and a great friend. I loved Solo. He's sneaky, funny, and observant. Eve does not like Solo in the beginning, but eventually she grows to trust him. As for Adam, I thought he was pretty two-dimensional.

I loved the action, mystery, and humor. It was fast paced and addictive. Overall, a very enjoyable book.

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