Friday, July 8, 2011

The Dust of 100 Dogs by A. S. King

Book: The Dust of 100 Dogs
Author: A. S. King
# of Pages: 229 (ebook)
Rating: 4.5 stars

When I first read the title of this book, my first thought was, is this book going to be about some weird dog massacre? Then I read the description and knew that I just had to read it.

Emer is an Irish girl from the 1600s who has had more than her share of hardships. As her story progresses she transforms from a timid virgin to a badass pirate captain. In the end, she is cursed to living as a hundred dogs.

Saffron is a very intelligent teenager from the 20th century. She is part of a dysfunctional family, and her mother is leaning upon her brillance to help bring pride to the family. But, Saffron has other plans. Instead of going to college, she wants to find her (Emer's) buried treasure.

The story goes back and forth from Saffron to Emer interspersed with "Dog Facts." This is a historical love story that leaves you rooting for the underdog (no pun intended).

My Thoughts: I LOVED this book! I am surprised that there are not more books about pirates considering how popular Pirates of the Caribbean is. I thought the characters were interesting and the plot was different (in a good way). And, most important of all, it had a great ending.

So, since this book was about dogs, here are my 2 German Shepherds:


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